Trusted Transitions – Barb Christie

Barb Christie comes from a diverse background, which includes hotel management, teaching, and running her own business from home. Her 20 years in management, working as a Senior Manager at Vancouver’s YWCA and two Toronto Suite Hotels has given Barb the practical skills of multitasking and being adept at identifying a need and implementing a solution to that need.

In addition, Barb’s 15 years as a secondary school teacher and special needs educator developed her ability to organize and plan, and, more importantly, it informed her strong belief that communication, whatever the situation, is always key.

In her previous endeavors, Barb had to become proficient at adapting to varied situations and her role as the Manager for the Peterborough area takes advantage of these skills.

“I thrive on working with others, in particular identifying the needs of individuals and then finding a way to address those needs with efficacy and tact. I’m thrilled to be able to utilize my cumulative organizational and communication skills to help alleviate the stresses and tribulations associated with transitioning.”

Barb and her husband Roy moved to Peterborough over 10 years ago and are actively involved in the Peterborough community. Their major interest is playing golf as members of The Quarry Golf Club in addition to their love of the outdoors through hiking, canoeing and camping.

To contact Barb, e-mail her at moc.snoitisnartdetsurtnull@brab or call her at 705 652-9142.