November 4, 2009

50 years is a long time no matter how you look at it.

50 years in one house makes me wonder if it is just too long. Don’t get me wrong. I am impressed with folks who manage to have the determination to stay in one place.

I believe moving has its merits. Moving makes you take stock of your “stuff”.  It gives you the strength to get rid of things so you don’t have to move them.

Recently, I put my house on the market. As I have written, I have been decluttering for almost a year now.  I didn’t think I had much to get rid of until I started to hear some of our client’s voices echoing in my head.

  • I forgot I had that all that china? Wow, look at this. I now have a collection of cream and sugars.
  • That electric blanket doesn’t work but it is still a good blanket.
  • Move that pile off the chair and have yourself a seat.
  • There is no room in that closet, but just shove it in there and close the door fast!
  • I am going to fix that sometime soon.
  • No, I am keeping those shoes. I rarely wear them because they hurt my bunion, but they are brand new and so pretty.
  • Those pants cost me a fortune at Eaton’s. I just have to lose a little bit of weight to fit in them.
  • Yes, I need those shovel handles. You never know when one of the others will break.
  • What do you mean, “What am I going to do with that one sheet of shingle?” The roof might leak! 
  • When you take the nails out of those old boards, just put them in this jar where I keep all the bent and rusted ones.
  • Ally was six when she lost that tooth. It is so cute. Look how small it is! Did you know she is a teacher now?
  • It was a gift. I can’t get rid of it. Why she ever thought I would use such a thing is beyond me.

Some of these are in jest. But are you nodding your head?  We all do it!

Be brave.  

Sell it. Donate it. Recycle it. Throw it out.

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