January 17, 2010

A Senior’s New Year’s Resolution List

I jokingly asked a client the other day what New Year’s Resolutions he had made.  He looked aghast and said “Deary I’m far too old for resolutions!”   I don’t think you are ever too old to make a to-do list of important things you want to make happen.  Calling them resolutions just adds a level of commitment to the list.  So here is my suggested list of resolutions you can discuss with your senior family members and friends and make sure they are already done or high on their list for 2010.

  1. Make a will.  If you have a will, review your bequests to be sure it still reflects what you want.  Take a look at who you have appointed to be your Executor and check that they are still able and willing to take on the responsibility.
  2. Review your Power of Attorney (POA) documents, both for finances and for health.
  3. Communicate your wishes.  Have a conversation with those close to you to remind them of what is in your will and POA, and to be sure they are aware of any special requests you have that may not be in a will or POA (i.e. music at the funeral).
  4. Put your documents or copies in a safe place (or two), and be sure that the right person(s) knows where they are.  
  5. Highlight one really cool thing on your Bucket List and commit to doing it in 2010.

This list doesn’t have to be for a Senior! They really apply to everyone!

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