February 2, 2010

A tale of 2 moves….Part 1

It is interesting to compare how people react to the prospect of moving. Some relish it as a new adventure and some resist even though they initiated the process on their own. This blog will be relayed over the next 2 weeks as each move has many lessons within them.

Chapter 1  – The Reluctant Mover.

After Mrs. P.’s  (96) husband died a year ago at the age of 97, she decided, rather suddenly, to move out of town to where her relatives lived. Within 2 months she had sold the 3 bedroom bungalow in a large city they had lived in for 55 years and moved into a 500 square foot one bedroom suite in a retirement residence in the country. 

With little time to prepare her for a move of this significance, she could not let go of her possessions and proceeded to move them all with her in the hope that what she did not have room for them, her family would want.

She took a kitchen full of dishes, pots and pans, china cabinet contents, cupboards of towels well past their prime, her husband’s old clothes, and many more end tables and lamps than she had space for. In the year since her husband passed, she had lost weight and many of her clothes were way too large to wear. They were moved with comments that they may be altered.  She said that she planned to take up sewing again, so her sewing machine and paraphernalia were moved. She had boxes and boxes of old papers that were transported.

Sadly, with so little space in the new residence, much could not be unpacked and is currently filling up a relative’s garage.

Mrs. P. was a reluctant mover. Though she made the decision to move, she was not ready for it. She jumped in when she was not prepared for what moving meant – either physically or emotionally.

Next week….read about Mrs. M’s move experience. Then ask yourself…..which would you like to experience?  And what could you be doing now to make it happen the best way?

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