October 5, 2009

Be Brave

Move on…you’ve got a lot to live for!

After reading an article called “Moving by Choice, Knowing Your Options” featured in last month’s Elderwise Newsletter and speaking to a client yesterday about his upcoming move, I had the idea for this blog.

I have often thought that although we eagerly move residences between the ages of 20 and 60, we eventually reach an age and say we will never leave our homes.  

So why are some of our clients moving?

  • Mr. T.  has decided to leave his 2 story family home and move to a maintenance free bungalow in a retirement community outside of the city. There he met two residents who were long time acquaintances he had lost touch with. He’s excited about rekindling these friendships and having everything looked after for him.
  • 96 year old Rita has decided to move from her family home into a retirement residence out of town to be closer to her nieces, her only family.
  • At 90, Mrs. A. is an experienced mover. When her husband died 10 years ago she sold the family home and moved into a condo. Circumstance had her move into her daughter’s home for a short time. When the youngsters became too much for her, she decided a retirement residence was a better alternative. She recently became the librarian of the residence, is meeting a ton of people and is having a ball.  
  • As a respite against the winter months in the country, my soon to be 89 year old Dad was thinking of taking advantage of the short term furnished accommodations at a retirement residence in Toronto. Instead, my brother offered to have him visit him in Vancouver where he will have his own bedroom and bath and daily chess at the local mall. As fall comes to an end, he’ll be heading for the airport for a 5 week trip.

I admire these brave folks who want to continue to enjoy life.  No matter what age, life is too short not to be happy and fulfilled! Go on. Take a chance. Make the move!

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