February 18, 2009


Barack Obama was elected, in large part, because he promised change and hope.

As Seniors Move Managers we work with seniors who are apprehensive of their move to a retirement or assisted living home.

For many people change can make them fearful. If your parent has fears about moving, work with them to put things in a better, more hopeful light.

First, acknowledge that change can be scary. But, also talk about how change can be exciting – new activities and new friends. If your parent has had difficulty getting out for groceries, then living in a retirement home will make it easier for them to have tasty, nutritious meals.

Second, focus on all the positive aspects of living with others. If your parent has been feeling lonely or isolated, a retirement residence ensures there are others around every day with whom to socialize, and activities organized by the residence.

Finally, discuss how living with others will help keep them safe.  Depending on the level of care, there may be around the clock nursing assistance available. Professional and friendly people will see them everyday and make sure they’re doing well. If problems arise, they’ll get help quickly.

Living in a retirement residence does not have to be seen as restricting your parent’s life. Rather it is a way to open up their lives to less stress, and more social interaction.

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