August 5, 2009

If you can’t take it with you….

I recently read an article that stated the importance of every adult having a will, power of attorney for personal care and power of attorney for property.  In a previous blog we discussed the importance of these, and the importance of revisiting them when things change.

Revisiting my will, and keeping “Do your givin’ while  you’re livin’ “ in mind, I realized I had bequeathed my mahogany dining room suite to my daughter. She has her own furnished home now, and the way furniture styles have changed over the years, I questioned if she really would want it.

Her answer was yes and no.  Yes, she would love to have it since it has wonderful memories and is mine.  However, she confessed (she didn’t want to hurt my feelings) she really doesn’t have the space for it in her tiny condo, nor is it her style. My brothers or nephews aren’t interested in it either.

As I am going through a period of transition myself, I suspect that my next move, (probably a condo) won’t accommodate this beautiful suite. In reality, I use it maybe once or twice a year though it gets lovingly polished every two weeks.

I will have to make a decision to sell it or not. I have shopped around to see what old dining room suites are worth and I am unpleasantly surprised.  Although it was bought for a song at an auction before I wed, it does not have the value I had hoped it would. I realize the value a dealer would give me for the piece is approximately half of what he would try and sell it for. That’s disheartening.

So what is my conclusion?  I will keep it as long as it “fits” into my life.  Then I will find someone who will really love it. And although I won’t get the value I think it deserves, my satisfaction will come from knowing someone cherishes it as much as I did!

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