August 20, 2008

Item 236 on the “Move” List

As a Seniors Move Organizer or Seniors Move Manager, I’m always looking for tips ‘n tricks to help me. Recently I came across a website from a U.S. realtor who had a checklist of more than 200 items to help in moving. And, on another website there was a list of more than 65 items to ask when moving to a retirement residence.

I’m all for lists. I have a “to do” list, a shopping list, and I’ve even thought of the “100 places I’d like to visit before I die” list. Lists can help you remember; lists can help walk you through all the steps needed to complete a task; lists can give you a comfortable feeling that you’ve got things under control.

Using lists can help reduce the “Oh, my goodness” feelings when doing any stressful task, like moving. Having a long list that covers every detail is one method.  However, I find a long list stressful. Think of three or four shorter lists, with each list focusing on a single major activity.

The shortest, and perhaps most important list, contains the names of people who are going to help you with your move. This list may have family and friends on it, but it should also have the names of professionals helping you. As Seniors Move Organizers we help with contacting all the individuals, business entities, and organizations you interact with during a move. We’ll work with you in developing this list, and we’ll contact these people on your behalf.

We’ll also work with you in developing your other lists: the list of items you’re taking with you, and the list of tasks to be done before, during, and after moving day. We’ll manage the lists, and the schedules that go along with the lists.

A Seniors Move Organizer can reduce your moving “todo” list to two items:
1. Call Trusted Transitions.
2. Relax and don’t worry!

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