April 1, 2009

Keeping Your Documents Safe

In a previous post we talked about the types of documents we generally have:

1.    Identity
2.    Financial
3.    Historical

One method of keeping documents safe is to store them in a safety deposit box. These can be either the original – Last Will and Testament, deed, bonds – or a copy of an original you use, but want to ensure you have a backup if needed. Don’t misplace the key, and you might consider having the duplicate key held by your lawyer, or Power of Attorney.

If you’d like to keep your documents at home, consider purchasing a home safe. There are many models available – look in the yellow pages for a security or safe company. Ensure the safe is waterproof, fireproof and cannot be easily opened.

There are some digital methods of keeping your documents safe, also. Make copies of your documents by scanning them into your computer.

Make a movie of your home and all you have in it. You can keep this in digital format on a CD and store that it in your safety deposit box. Store an accompanying written list of the items shown on the movie – this will help with an insurance claim.

Another method of keeping either the original or copy of an important document is to store it offsite – consider storing the item with a friend or relative in another city. Some people keep photocopies or CD’s of scanned images of important papers in their office drawer.

If a document is important to you, then finding and implementing a method of keeping it safe from any disaster – natural or man-made – should be on your to-do list.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder about the idea of a digital record of your belongings. At the speed of technology these days, will there be something in the future that will be able to read or view these records.

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