November 19, 2008

Moving Words

Think. This most sedentary activity can save you the most physical labour. Think about what you will need in your new place. Think about what you no longer need in your current home. Think about who may benefit from those items you no longer need. Think of what you’ll need to help you move – the people and the companies or organizations. Keep notes on the important items you’ve thought of for the next steps.

Investigate. You’ve figured out what you need, now find how to get what you need into your new place. As Seniors Move Organizers we know who will take the items our clients no longer need. We know the people, companies or organizations needed to make the move. This might include movers, painters, electricians, cleaners, or handymen.

Sort. The size of your new home, and its storage space is probably smaller than what you have now.  We help our clients sort through possessions to figure out what to keep and move, what to donate, and what to discard.

Recycle. One of our tasks when helping our clients move is to find the best place possible for their unwanted possessions. A short list includes: content sale resellers, charities, consignment shops, and buy ‘n sell websites. If the item is simply not usable, we ensure that it goes to the proper recycling facilities.

A few choice words, for a few choice tasks to help your move go smoothly.

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