September 3, 2008

School Lessons – the 3 R’s

When I went to school the focus was all on the 3 R’s … Reading, w(R)iting, and a(R)ithmetic. Today most of my work is with Seniors, and September is a great time to review these important 3 R’s for having a successful relationship with a senior.

Responsiveness. Although most 75+ year olds don’t carry cell phones, they are well aware that the younger generation does. Their expectation is that when they try to reach you, a person will answer the phone, or at the very least someone will return their call quickly.

Reliability. If you say you are going to do something, then do it. My parents taught me all about making and keeping commitments, and I think that their belief in that core value was a hallmark of that generation.

Respect. Today’s seniors lived through the depression, fought for our future in World War II, and coped and thrived in a world that changed at the speed of lightning through the last half of the 20th century. And, they’ve lived through their own family changes. They deserve our respect.

Whether you are caring for seniors, moving seniors or interacting with them in other ways, practice these 3 R’s and you will definitely have stronger relationships with them.

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