December 10, 2008

Stop Stepping Over It

Why do you have that big pile of towels sitting in the middle of the dining room? Or how about your kid’s infant clothes stored in the basement, and your kid just graduated from university? Or, maybe the best litmus test of all – when’s the last time you put your car in the garage?

As Seniors Move Organizers we help our clients get ready for moving.  We work with them on sorting, organizing, and downsizing their stuff. We also work with clients of all ages who want to gain back the space in their homes that they’ve lost through storing too much stuff, that is we help declutter.

We work with our clients on developing a plan of attack that will work for them. Some of our clients need us to do it all, make all the decisions on what to keep, and how to discard of the rest. Some of our clients want us to work with them, and work through each room of their home in a methodical, steady pace.

Here are two important reasons to declutter:

  • Safety – Seniors often have mobility issues. If the floor is populated with piles of stuff, it may be difficult to move around. This could increase  a senior’s chance of falling. Accumulated piles of newspapers or magazines, could be a fire hazard.
  • Environmental – Piles of stuff could stop the natural airflow in your home. It could increase the amount of dust that gets accumulated, and that you breathe in. It could also deter your heating, air conditioning and ventilating system to working at its maximum efficiency.

The most important step, regardless of which plan works for you, is to get started. If you feel the task is overwhelming, ask for help. Perhaps a family member or friend can help you. Or, hire a Seniors Move Organizer.

Give a Gift of Time

Give a Gift of Time

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