June 26, 2010

The Importance of Research

At Trusted Transitions we help Seniors who are contemplating a move to a Retirement Residence and don’t know where to start. With so many facilities now available around large metropolitan areas, it is difficult to narrow down the choices. Here is how we go about it:

  1. Search online or through books for listings of accredited residences in your area.  These listings should give you contact information, as well as location, size, services and prices.
  2. Find approximately 10 that meet your geographic and price criteria to make a shortlist.
  3. Research the websites of your shortlist, where you should find more information about services, room layouts, etc., and will be able to view photographs of the facility.  Narrow the list as appropriate.
  4. Phone the Marketing Director of each facility. Have a list of the specific questions you want to ask. These questions should relate to any special care needs or issues that you might have. For example, a recent client was using an electric wheelchair.  Many facilities do not allow these. Narrow the shortlist as appropriate.
  5. We will then visit the facility on behalf of the client (if we haven’t recently been there), ask more questions, take a tour and leave with their glossy brochure.
  6. Rank the remaining Residences on the shortlist in terms of desirability and go through it with the Senior. This is where the glossy brochure comes in handy.
  7. Accompany the Senior on visits to the top ranked choices.

It all takes some time, but good research pays off in terms of making a good decision and making the process a less stressful one for your family member.

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