November 22, 2010

Tips on How to be a Happy Senior

I’ve just read a great book by Lyndsay Green called ‘You COULD Live a Long Time:  Are You Ready?’ One of the most interesting segments encourages us to sharpen our interpersonal skills as we age so that we can maintain a healthy, happy set of relationships. If you are a senior moving into a Retirement Residence you know that you are going to meet a lot of new people, so this is good advice. The following are some of the tips she gives that we could all take to heart:

  • Treat other people with mutual respect and acceptance.
  • Try not to be judgmental.  Take people for who they are.
  • Be ready to listen.
  • Do not give advice unless it is asked for.  If people want advice, they will ask for it.
  • Tell people you appreciate them when you get a chance.
  • Be interested in other people.  People who are secure and less self-centred age more easily.
  • Make people smile, and even better – make them laugh!

It can be difficult not to be angry about the changes that come with aging, but the clients I have worked with who are happiest and healthiest are those who exemplify this list of personal practices.  Even though I’m still in my fifties, I’m going to start now.

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