May 27, 2009


In this day of almost anything goes in the media, there is little that we hear and see that shocks us. But in our day to day lives we can be shocked when we learn something about a friend or family member.

It’s usually about the “unmentionables”.  And I don’t mean sexy lingerie. We are talking about things people feel a deep need to keep to themselves. Things we want to keep secret: diaries, love letters, secret bank accounts, fetishes, compulsions, habits, addictions, costumes, certain phobias, etc.

For example, a senior very dear to me never told her family that she had a full set of false teeth. When she was in for life threatening surgery a nurse told us that they needed to take the teeth home for safe keeping! In disbelief, we said, “No! You are mistaken! She does NOT have false teeth! No way!” She didn’t want anyone to know that she had all her teeth removed and replaced with dentures over 30 years ago. How could you go through something that severe and painful and not tell anyone? Looking back, it is something that we could laugh at! But some “unmentionables” may not cause laughter.

If someone helps us to move or declutter, we handle the unmentionables personally, packing them privately so we don’t have to explain the possible idiosyncrasy in our life.

However, when we die, the “unmentionables” become someone else’s discovery to handle. In a previous blog we wrote, “Do your givin’ while you’re livin’“, maybe we need to call this blog: “Do your ditchin’ while your livin’!”

Think about what “unmentionables” you have and how your loved ones will react when they find something you have kept hidden. Some things are best kept hidden, in which case you need to get rid of them before you no longer have the option.

Rest assured, our Seniors Move Organizers are 100% discreet and professional as we tend to the details of life-changes.

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