November 30, 2009

We help take the worry out of moving day!

A recent Toronto Star article by Ellen Roseman entitled “Don’t let movers take you for a ride.” was the inspiration for this blog. It reminded me of a move I had organized for myself about 15 years ago. At 9 a.m. we went to pick up the truck only to find out that the franchise was out of business. 2 hours later we did find a truck. Another time the mover took my antique dining room table apart and put the screws in his pocket. I never could get them back.

The article mentions the tactics of some unscrupulous movers out there who take advantage of folks at a time when they are very vulnerable. If you are doing the move yourself, moving day can be a day of chaos. What you don’t need is trouble with the truck or the moving company when you need to get out of the house.

The article mentions that fact that people had signed a contract at a new price when they thought they were signing that the move was complete. Some moving companies have been known to charge a $1 per stair, unloading fees and extra costs for items over a certain weight.

The article goes on the mention the rights we have under the Consumer Protection Act:

  • Fair estimates – The final price charged for a contract can’t exceed the estimate in the contract by more than 10%.
  • Full disclosure of all costs, fees and charges. You can’t be forced to pay undisclosed amounts, such as unloading fees.
  • Freedom from ransom. It’s illegal for a mover to use the custody or control of your goods to pressure you into renegotiating the price of a contract.

Always make sure the mover – or anyone providing you a service – comes to your home to see what they are dealing with versus giving a quote over the phone.

At Trusted Transitions, you can be assured that we will always come and see you in person to understand what it is that you require. Before any work is done, we will review the low and high estimates and obtain your agreement. The cost of the movers will be in our estimate, taking any worry and interface with the movers out of your mind.

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