September 18, 2008

We Say Fall Cleaning

For many people the process of “decluttering” is something to be done in March or April along with spring cleaning. But, I’d like to suggest that the fall can be an even better time to have a bit of a purge.

This week we are working with a client in the Annex in Toronto. There are many houses in this area that are residences for students at nearby University of Toronto and other downtown colleges. Our client is moving into a much smaller apartment, so we know we have to get rid of a lot of her furnishings. Some can be sold, but many items are showing their age, although they aren’t quite “used” enough to be trashed. Usually, we would arrange transportation to various charities, but she had a much better solution.

“Put it on the lawn” became her routine response when I questioned whether she would be taking something. “The students will take it.” Sure enough, over the past few days we have seen people strap shelving units to the back of their bike, take old sheets to use for the kittens, and pick up bright but dated artwork to bring some cheer to their University home. Nothing stayed on the lawn for long.

If you live near a college campus, think about decluttering now. Your local students will love you for it.

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