Moving Happily

I don’t want to move!

For many of us this is the first thought we have when someone suggests that we should downsize our home and move to a retirement residence. There are many possible reasons to downsize: perhaps you’ve lost your spouse and it can be lonely living alone; maybe you’re no longer physically able to maintain your home; or you need daily help with meals, personal care, and housework.

Focusing on the positive aspects of moving can make the transition easier to take. You’ll be in the company of people who have had similar life experiences to your own. You can choose the level of social activity that suits you ­ if you want to spend time alone you can, but if you want to be with others there are ample opportunities available. In assisted living accommodations there will be capable staff available to help you do those daily activities that may now be difficult for you to do alone. Retirement living also means not having to worry about the upkeep of your home, and the expenses that go along with it.

Once you’ve made the decision to move ­ the rest of the process can be divided into a series of six major steps: choosing your new home; selling your old home; sorting your possessions; packing and moving; unpacking; and settling in to your new home.

If you’ve lived in your home for many years these steps probably seem overwhelming. So this is the time you may decide to ask for help. The full process will probably take a few months and this time can be both physically and emotionally demanding and stressful. You may have family close by who are willing and able to help. However, if you don’t, a Seniors Move Manager or a transition specialist can also help manage the process and the stress that comes along with it. These are qualified professionals who, in a caring and sensitive way, deal with the hundreds of small steps required to complete a successful move.

These professionals can help in every step of the process. They will help you select a short list of retirement residences that meet your needs then arrange for and accompany you on a visit to each. They can help you meet with a realtor and setup your existing home for quick sale. Your transition specialist will work with you to sort your belongings so that you take those items with you that are most precious, and donate or sell the remaining items you no longer require. They can handle the packing and moving of your possessions, as well as the unpacking and setup of your new home.

Like a well controlled orchestra leader your transition specialist will manage all the services and workers required to downsize and have a successful move ­ the packers, the movers, the resellers, the charities for donated items, disposing of unwanted items, dealing with utility companies, cleaners, realtors, and administrative staff at your new home. They’ll keep you informed all along the way, of course, but ensure that day-to-day details are effectively handled on your behalf.

A transition specialist’s goal is to smooth your transition from your old home to your new home, and to hear you say: “I’m so happy I moved!”