Caring for Parents Living in Another City

If your aging parent lives in another part of the country you worry about him or her. When they start to think about selling the family home to move to a Retirement Residence you worry even more. With Trusted Transitions you can put your mind at ease. We work with out of town families to do everything you would do if you lived just down the block.

Our Seniors moving services can include:

• Preparing to sell the house so that they get the best price in the least amount of time
• Visiting the new home to lay out a floor plan and finalizing what furniture to take
• Organizing, sorting and packing all of their belongings, taking special care with family treasures
• Packing and shipping items to out of town family members
• Arranging for the profitable disposition of unwanted items, or for donations to preferred charities
• Sourcing and coordinating outside services such as a realtor, movers, shredders, and trash removal
• Handling changes in services such as address, phone, cable, newspapers, insurance, etc.
• Arranging and overseeing packing and the move itself
• Unpacking and setting up the new apartment so that it feels like home on the first day

We take special care to communicate with you every step of the way and give you peace of mind.