December 9, 2009

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol.

Not too long ago my Dad admired my new flatware. He said “This may sound crazy, but it feels nicer to eat with new flatware.”  It is now his.  

We recently “de-doilied” his table tops. He was afraid to change them since my Mom died 4 years ago. His bedroom still had her “lady colours”. He didn’t want to change anything as it was all “still good and who sees it anyway?”  He’d just make do. When he comes home from Vancouver shortly, I am hoping he will be pleasantly pleased with his birthday present of a redecorated masculine bedroom.

A recent garbage day in my neighbourhood lead to a blue toilet being left at a neighbour’s curb side.  I thought, “About time! That toilet had to be in use for over 30-40 years.” Then I thought “Where’s the sink?” Besides the colour and hidden germs, water wastage had to be an issue.

Further along was a 70’s style sofa bed – to make it into a fold out bed you had to bend the backrest to the front of the sofa, and then push the back rest all the way flat. The saving grace that this “sofa bed” had was it did not weigh a ton. They were not known for their comfort and I would not relish being the guest. And dust mites? That is possibly another story.

Yet on another curb side was a beautiful gold coloured fridge and stove. It is amazing how long these items have lasted. The fridge could not have been very efficient. The stove is not really an issue as the technology has not changed that much for basic models. But the colour!

Were these 3 households stuck in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s?  Do you realize that is 40 – 50 years ago?  How did time stand still?

All these cast offs are exciting to me.  No more “making do”.  Move away from the old and make some changes.

Even if you aren’t thinking of moving just yet, renew yourself and let the freshness of new colours, styles, and ideas take effect.  Get excited about what is new around you!  You still have a lot of living to do!

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