July 15, 2008

Collective Sense

Almost everyone we meet has a collection or two. Some have collections they’ve purposely put together because of a specific interest, e.g., commemorative plates. And some have collections that just happened, e.g., all kinds of spices in all kinds of containers.

To help deal with your accumulated spices, you might like to look at our earlier blog on checking the expiry dates on products. Here, we’re talking about “collectibles” and the common sense approach to dealing with them when you’re ready to move.

You may have received lots of enjoyment from collecting, trading, and displaying your collection. To help remember your collection, keep only one or two pieces that mean the most to you. This doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive; it could be the first piece you collected, or a piece a favourite person gave you. Another way to remember your collection, is to take photographs of all the pieces or the important pieces.

As we’re helping our clients move, the two major reasons for disposing of a collection is the lack of space in their new home, and the cost to pack and move the collection. There are a few ways to dispose of a collection.

  1. Sell it. There are on-line resources like eBay, or traditional resources like newspaper classified ads. It will require a bit of work to sell the items, but it’s often the most effective way to reach a broad audience. domain name data . Depending on your collection there may be specialized on-line websites that can be used. We can help you determine the best way to sell your items, and help you determine the best price.
  2. Give it to family or friends. You may have already decided in your will to leave your collections to a specific person or group. Why not give it to them now? If you’re giving it to someone, you’ll be able to see and share in their enjoyment.
  3. Donate it. Depending on the items you’re donating, there may be a possibility of receiving a receipt for income tax purposes. We can help with the research to determine if this will work for you.

Decide on what you’d like to do with your collections now, before a move. It’ll be one less thing to deal with during a move.

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