July 24, 2008

What’s in Your Bathtub?

Are you storing stuff in your bathroom? Are you storing kitchen supplies in the laundry or basement because you’ve run out of space in the kitchen? Do you park your car in the driveway because the garage is full?

If you answered even “sort of” to one of these questions, you may have a clutter problem. When we help our clients prepare their homes for resale, or help them move to a new home, we help with the clutter.

Clutter can hide the room from view; it can stop you using a room for its intended purpose; and, it can be health hazard, as too much clutter can change the airflow in your room.

If you’re fed up with your clutter there are professional organizers who can help you get started. There are helpful books available in most bookstores and online. There are also television shows with great before and after stories, and include tips on what to do. Even Oprah has had shows on dealing with the clutter.  Try an internet search for “help with clutter”, or “professional organizer.” There’s lots of help readily available.

We begin de-cluttering by sorting items. One popular method of sorting is: keep it, donate it, trash it. If you’ve used the item in question within the last year than keep it. If the item has a value, but you haven’t used it in at least that year than either donate it to a charity or a family member, or sell it. All other items can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Dealing with your clutter can be stressful. Ask for help. Don’t do it all at once; break the job up into manageable tasks. crawl test But, get started and keep moving. You may be taking a bath in the tub again sooner than you think.

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