July 30, 2008

You Need a Seniors Move Manager

Moving at any age ranks high on lists of stressful life events. If you are over 70, the stress both physically and emotionally can be overwhelming. So if you or a family member are contemplating making a major move or transition, you need to have a Seniors Move Manager.

Why? Because things always go wrong, often at the worst possible time. Last week I arrived at my clients’ new home in a Retirement Residence thirty minutes before the movers were bringing in her belongings. The beds were supposed to be supplied by the residence. Rantfoxtdistioten . To my surprise, they weren’t there. Fortunately, I had time to get housekeeping moving, have the beds brought in and made, and have everything settled before my client arrived at his new home.

On other transition days the moving truck has broken down. Service providers haven’t always arrived on time. The phone wasn’t hooked up as planned. The refrigerator in the unit didn’t work properly. My job is to handle and fix all these “glitches” so that our client never knows they even happened.

You may not want to hire a Seniors Move Manager. But you do need to designate one family member to play that role in the time leading up to the move, the day of the move, and over the first couple of weeks during the settling in period. If you want the move to be stress free, you need someone who will be able to confidently say “Don’t worry, I have everything under control.” Pick someone who stays calm in the face of a storm, and is a creative problem solver.

Getting off on the right foot when a major later life transition is in progress will set a positive tone for all the changes to come.

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