August 6, 2008


We all have items we don’t ever use. I don’t mean the stuff you use seasonally or at holiday time.  I mean stuff that you haven’t used in more than a year. Stuff that you have to walk around. Stuff you’ve packed away in a box, and put downstairs or in the garage. And now you don’t even remember what’s in the box.

Often we let this stuff accumulate. Then, at one of the most stressful times in your domestic life, when you move, you end up having to deal with it all.

We help our clients deal with stored possessions, and rarely used items. We’ve learned that working with these possessions long before moving time can make the move itself less stressful, and less expensive. Grapenmasenum list of domains . The fewer things you have to pack and move, the less time it will take and the more money you save.

Go through your possessions and identify those “unused” items that are in good condition. Charities want things that are clean and undamaged, since they often don’t have the resources to clean or repair them.

So what do you do with it all? Donating these unused possessions to a charity will ensure that someone who needs something will get good use out it.

Some charities will accept your possessions and then distribute them to those in need.  Others sell the goods then use the money collected to benefit others.

Charities are listed in the yellow pages and online. Some are willing to take almost anything, e.g., Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Some specialize, like food banks, or furniture banks. Call them or visit their websites to find out how you can help. Finally, some will pick up your donation, and some will require you to drop it off.

Donating your unwanted and unneeded stuff reduces clutter and makes moving easier.  Perhaps the biggest benefit is that it makes you feel good to help others.

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