January 23, 2009


As Seniors Move Organizers we help our clients declutter.  During this process there are always items identified that they no longer need. We help those clients donate items that are still useable and functional.

Here are suggestions for organizations that will accept your donations. Please visit each organization’s website for complete information. Also, all organizations require the items to be in good, clean, useable condition.

  • Furniture Bank: accepts furniture, bed linens, curtains, and kitchen items. Donated items are made available to individuals currently in shelters and to refugees. It is possible to receive an “in-kind” tax receipt for your items.
  • Goodwill: accepts a wide variety of items. Goodwill resells these items to fund their business enterprises that provide employment to those facing barriers to work.
  • The Royal Conservatory of Music: accepts musical instruments. A tax receipt is available for the fair market value of the item.
  • The Charitable Recycling Program of Canada: accepts cell phones in any condition. Cell phones are donated to those in shelters.

There are many other types of organizations that accept donations. You can work with a religious group, community organization, or government-funded organization in your area. Your church, community centre, and local newspaper can provide contact information. Also, ask your friends and neighbours for referrals.

  • Shelters: many can use clothing, towels and bedding and small items since their storage space is limited. Some animal shelters take old blankets.
  • Food Banks: will accept canned or unopened packaged food. Check the “use by” date before you donate. Remember that some food banks will take pet food.

When you work with a Seniors Move Organizer, you get the benefit of hours of experience. We’ve done the research to figure out what can go where. Your items can continue to be useful to a whole new generation.

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