January 28, 2009

“Take out the Papers and the Trash”

On a day to day basis it’s easy to handle the trash we create.  But if you’ve lived in your home for decades, you’ve probably got more than a few items that need to be disposed of.

Useable items should be donated, but items not in useable condition need to go to recycling. Here are some hints and tips as we “talk trash.”

  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, 1-800RID-OF-IT, JuNK iT!: This type company picks up your stuff, and the service includes going into your home and carrying it out. They usually charge by how much bin space you use. If you have a lot of trash shop around to find the best price, being aware of how big the bins are for each quote. And check with each company to ensure the items are properly disposed of, and not all just taken to landfill.
  • If you want to spend a few days yourself sorting and tossing, you can order a bin to be set in your driveway, then have it picked up when you are done. This alternative is less expensive, but you have to do the heavy lifting to take things outside.
  • If you have smaller amounts consider taking it to your local transfer station yourself, or if your local pickup has limits, you can usually buy tags and put the extra at the end of the driveway.
  • Most municipalities have a documented program of what they will take. Check with your local city hall to find the rules. For example, many municipalities will pick up old white goods – appliances – but only if you call for pickup.

Hazardous waste is another category of garbage. This includes paint cans with paint still in them, solvents, fertilizers, poisons, even fluorescent tubes. Check with your municipality regarding those items considered toxic. Many have hazardous waste collection depots where you can drop off items. In some locations, there is a “Toxic Taxi” that will pickup these items.

We’ve got hours of experience disposing of items safely. We can help make these decisions for you. The fewer details you have to look after when you move, the less toxic the move will be for you!

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