June 25, 2008

Hire a Seniors Move Organizer

A quick search on the web shows that on average we move once every five years, with young adults moving more frequently than older adults.

Younger adults tend to do it all themselves. A combination of an abundance of physical energy, lack of financial resources, and the yen for something new drives their do-it-yourself move. The older we get the more we look for outside sources to help with a move.

One important element of all moves regardless of one’s age is who is making the decisions. We’re deciding where we’re moving, what we’re taking, and when to move. But the older we get, the more difficult it can be from both a physical and emotional perspective to organize all the details and actually carry out the move – to make all the required decisions.

What happens when the person moving is an elderly relative? They may not be able to make a move without assistance, and you may not be in a position to help them because you are working or living in another location. And the move may need to be done quickly if they are in need of daily assistance to ensure a good quality of life.

As a Seniors Move Organizer we work with the senior, or the adult children of a senior. We work on each step of the move, from deciding what to take, through packing, and setting up the new home. We will deal with the movers, facility managers, and utility companies. We’ll do the packing; we’ll make suggestions on the disposition of items not wanted or required in the new home. We will make it all happen.

As the adult child you can be assured that your parent is well looked after. Your parent will have someone working on his or her behalf each step of the way, and won’t be overwhelmed by the myriad details generated in a move. If you’re the senior we’re assisting, you’ll be spared the stress of the move, and be able to enjoy your new surroundings before you know it.

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