June 9, 2008

Our Own Transition

Greetings! This week we moved from the look and content of our old website to this new look and feel. We were a little apprehensive about the move because we knew it would take time, money, and be a bit stressful. Of course we’d have to learn new ways of doing things. But we wanted to make new friends, and be easily available to more people and bring better and more timely information to you regularly.

So, welcome! We’re happy that you’re reading our brand new blog at our new place.

We may have just moved our “words” and not our possessions, but this move is just another type of transition we all go through in our lives. At Trusted Transitions we want to help make your transition to your new home, or the work you do as an executor, as easy as possible.

And one way we’d like to help you is with this blog. We’ll be talking about, and sharing information, on topics related to seniors moving to new homes, executor duties, downsizing, and the many ways of dealing with the stress of transition from one living accommodation to another.

In our Resources section we have articles to help decide when to move. Please take a moment to download a copy of our brochure. Then get answers to the most commonly asked questions from our clients with our “frequently asked questions“.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact us via e-mail, or leave comments below. Tell us what you think of our blog or our website. Or, if you’d like us to talk about a topic of interest to you regarding seniors moving and organizing, please write. If you’ve been receiving our newsletter, please sign up for the RSS feed. This blog replaces the newsletter.

The best thing about a new place? It’s all new, ready to be explored and enjoyed!

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