July 3, 2009

If I throw it away, I throw away the memory!

If I haven’t said that statement out loud, I have thought it. In reality however, we often don’t treat those things very well.

Peter Walsh of “It’s All Too Much” and Oprah fame suggests that we ask ourselves these 4 questions about our cherished possessions:

  • How are you treating them?
  • Are they hidden?
  • Are they taking up space in your closet?
  • Does the place this important item holds in your life truly reflect the value you claim it has?

If you value an item, you need to show it the honour and respect it deserves. Otherwise it does not have a place in your home.   Simply put – either you value something or you do not.

In a past blog,  our guest blogger shared great ideas on how her elderly Mother dealt with the keepsakes she valued when she decided to move in “Thanks for the Memories”.

As seniors’ movers, we come across items to pack that are in such poor condition they fall apart when handled.  Clearing the far reaches of a hall closet I came across a family bible wrapped in a plastic shopping bag. It disintegrated in my hands. . Though it was no longer of any value to anyone, I felt guilty discarding it because it was so old, but also that it had not been cherished.

Show your memories the respect they deserve. There are many “keepsake” holders, archival paper and frames available now to preserve items. Take a picture of it if it is getting too frail.

If it is something just for you to see, put it someplace where you will occasionally see it.

If it is something you do not like to see, and the memory is not comforting, be brave and throw it away!

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