July 8, 2009

Why declutter?

Some seniors think decluttering is only done when you are getting ready to move. Then the thought of packing up everything becomes daunting. domain traceroute All the more reason to get things organized before you need to move.

For a senior, or anyone who has lived in one place for a long time, the living space can get congested. We keep adding new “stuff” to the space and sometimes forget about what we already have.

Sometimes we just don’t notice that some items needed to be sorted and discarded. business list . When was the last time you sorted your linen closet and discarded the frayed and worn towels and sheets? Or that stack of magazines that keeps getting higher and higher? Or cleaned out the “junk” drawer?

As Seniors movers, our experience shows us that decluttering will:

  • Make your living space look bigger and more airy.
  • Make it easier for you to move about in your home.
  • Allow you to discard items no longer needed and make the useful items reachable.
  • Make it easier to keep your home clean as there is less “stuff” to clean and move about.
  • Make you feel proud when unexpected company comes calling.
  • Allow you to showcase your “memories” in a place of honour.
  • Reduce the overbuying of goods because you can clearly see what you have in stock.
  • Bring you a sense of calm.

Sometimes the thought of decluttering can be overwhelming. Where could you possibly start? Try tackling a drawer or a small closet. Even starting with a shelf on a bookcase can be liberating. . Look at our Decluttering Checklist and see if there are items on it you recognize. Use the list as your starting point.

At Trusted Transitions we pride ourselves on helping seniors transition to a simpler and less complicated life. Just look at the benefits, and call us for help.

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