October 1, 2008

Make Room for Your Bucket List

A friend recently told me that she is going to move from her townhouse into a Retirement Residence. Why?  Because she has come to the conclusion there are too many things she still wants to do in her life that she’s not getting to because of the time it takes to care for her home.

She wants to trade off taking care of her property for taking care of herself.

She’s going to take time to do what she wants to do in life versus what needs to be done.

She remembered that her mother-in-law had been talked out of just such a move and had ended up living her life alone instead of in an active environment around other people with similar interests. And my friend promised herself it wouldn’t happen to her.

Moving to a Retirement Residence is probably one of the hardest decisions you’ll make. Too often it’s perceived as an “end of life” decision and is often accompanied by the phrase “I’m not ready”. And yet, it can be one of the most beneficial things to do for yourself because you are putting your needs first. You are making room for new experiences and relieving yourself of many mundane tasks and stresses of everyday life. This is not “end of life”, this is finding the best life you can have.

Staying too long in a home you’ve outgrown, where the things you once enjoyed have now become a chore, is not something you want to have happen. Make your decision and move now, so that you have enough time to enjoy your new place, and your new community. You deserve it.

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