October 8, 2008


These are how many hits we got when we searched on “seniors” in Google. Obviously, for any search to be useful we’d need to narrow it down by using more relevant search terms, e.g., Seniors Move Organizer.

We use search engines when we’re looking for help. If we are looking for help on a complex problem or situation, it will probably take many different searches to find all the help that’s required.

As Seniors Move Organizers we’ve spent time learning and documenting the steps we need to take to help move our clients in the most effective and efficient way possible.  And we’ve put together a list of outstanding preferred suppliers and services. We’ve learned that we can rely on these companies and the people in them to provide the best help possible for our clients.

We’ve done all that “googling” for you.

If you’re concerned about how much work it will take to put a move together, consider hiring a Seniors Move Organizer to source the help you need, and to manage all the steps involved. We can begin working with you before you’ve even confirmed that you want to move! We will help declutter your home, sorting the items you’d like to keep from those that can be donated or discarded. If you’ve decided on a move, we will get you organized, packed and moved to your new home.

Calling a Seniors Move Organizer to help may be the only “hit” you need.

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