October 16, 2008

Loosely Stuff the Turkey

It was a glorious weekend and I hope that you had the chance to enjoy the outdoors, and a fine Thanksgiving dinner. This year I cooked the turkey. It has been a while since I did that, so I had to diligently follow the recipe, including “loosely stuff the turkey.”

On Tuesday we worked at a recently deceased client’s apartment. It has to be completely cleaned out quickly. It is only a one bedroom apartment, so I didn’t think that it would take us too long. . It took longer than expected.


Then it hit me. Because some of us have a tendency to jam every cupboard, drawer, cubbyhole and flat surface with “stuff”.  We don’t follow the recipe.

If it’s bad to overstuff turkeys, is it also bad to overstuff closets? I think so. Once the space is overcrowded people just don’t go into it. If they use anything, it is just the items on the very top.

So here is my thought. We feel the need to stuff closets and drawers because if we don’t it is wasted space. But if we do tightly fill them, it is wasted stuff. Stuff that other less fortunate people could really use.

So which is worse? Wasted space or wasted stuff?

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