October 22, 2008

Moving Memo

At last count, we estimated there are 40 organizations we need to notify of a move. One of our tasks as Seniors Move Organizers is to help make sure you tell all these organizations about your move.

The first organization is Canada Post, who makes the process easy. You can either complete a form online, or submit a paper form at the post office. The current fee for this service is $37 for 6 months of mail redirection, and $66 for 12 months.  After the specified period your mail will no longer be forwarded. So it is wise to tell each organization directly of your new address.

Begin with a list of all the types of organizations from whom you regularly receive mail, e.g., utility companies, financial institutions, government entities, medical help, magazines, charities, et al. Many of these will have a process to change your address right on the bills they send you. Complete the information required and send the change notice in before you move, as it may take a few weeks for them to update your address in their systems.

Check your wallet, also. Did you tell the gym? The library? How about your favourite place to rent videos?

And, tell your friends and family. Consider using the address change notification cards available from Canada Post. It’s an easy way to tell all the important people in your life about the important change in your life.

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