October 29, 2008

Moving Pictures

We’ve all heard the witty quip “I’m having a Seniors moment”. Maybe you can remember using it yourself. As we age, we feel our memory is not as sharp as it was. We need to use tools to help us remember. One tool, is keeping a written list of tasks we need to do.

Another great memory aid is photographs. As Seniors Move Organizers, we use photographs to make a record of items we’re selling on behalf of our clients. We post these online at buy ‘n sell websites, or show them to content sale organizers.

We also take photographs at the new location. These help us remember room dimensions, window placement, wall colours, and the type and colour of floor coverings.

Often our clients purchase new furniture for their new home. We take a camera along during the shopping expedition to make a record of the items purchased. These photos will help when deciding on furniture placement, or accessory colours in the new place.

With the new digital cameras we don’t need to print each photo on paper so we can take as many pictures as our camera’s memory will hold. We can capture all the visual images we need to remember without taxing our own memory.

Any tool to help make moving easier, is “the” tool to use.

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