November 5, 2008

What Not to Move

Moving costs time and money. You can save both by moving only what you need, not everything you have.

Make decisions about what you absolutely need before you move. You’ll save the time and costs of packing, moving, and unpacking these items.

How to decide? With clothing ask yourself these questions:

  • If I haven’t worn it in two years, will I wear it again?
  • Will I ever be this size again?
  • If I bought this three years ago, and it still has the price tag on it, will I ever wear it?

Look through the items you have in storage in your basement, storage unit, or crawl space. Will you really need the remains of the paint you used on your dining room walls? Or, the old curtains from your child’s nursery? How about your tax returns from 1968?

Look in your dining room. Will you really need the second, third, or fourth set of dishes? Will you really need the linens for a table set for 12, when your new home will have only enough room for a table set for six?

How many pieces of art will your new place hold? If you have fewer walls, and smaller rooms, you will not be able to display all your art.

As Seniors Move Organizers we help our clients go through each room in their home, and ask these questions. Usable items can be donated to a charity, or given to a friend or relative who will cherish the item. Others items are recycled as appropriate.

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