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Selecting the Perfect Retirement Residence
The Dollars and Sense of Downsizing
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Moving Happily!
45 Life Lessons
IBM’s featured story on Trusted Transitions
Humber Happenings: “Your eyes were bigger than your stomach”
Investor Insights and Opinions: A place of my choosing
When Holidays Hurt: 20 Gifts for a Grieving Christmas
Seniors Fraud Protection Kit

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Recommended Readings:
You Could Live a Long Time: Are You Ready?, By: Lyndsay Green
A Bitter Pill: How the Medical System is Failing the Elderly, By: John Sloan
They Left Us Everything, By: Plum Johnson

Press Releases:
2012 NASMM Conference
What Next? Navigating Later Life Transitions

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Active Living Coalition for Older Adults
Canadian Home Care Association
Canadian-Independent Group of Funeral Homes
Losing Our
Seniors Canada Online

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We have worked with these people or organizations and are comfortable in recommending them to you. They have skills and knowledge that are particularly relevant to seniors, to caregivers working with seniors, and to executors or their agents.

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We’re happy to attend your seminars or fairs to describe our services. Please contact Elaine for further information.