“Elaine – the thanks is ours! You and your team were fabulous.”
Peter, May 2014

“Hello Elaine, I thought I would let you know that xxxxxxx Road has been sold firm. Thanks again for doing such a great job with Phase 1. I think it helped in securing the 3 offers that we received. “
Mary Elaine (Realtor), May 2014

“Hi Jeanne, I thought it would be nice for you to know that you are highly regarded in Collingwood. I was in conversation with some people at a gathering and they were recommending you to their friend. On another occasion, yet another person also said that you did a great job for them! You obviously provide a great service!”
Dawna, April 2014

“Elaine, thanks for your e-mail and invoice. Your service was much appreciated and we were able to return to Ottawa with a load lifted from our shoulders.”
Arnold, December 2013

“Dear Elaine, thank you very much for sending the picture to my cousin. Also for looking after my aunt’s stuff at her apartment.”
Doug, December 2013

“Thanks Elaine..it was really great working with you and your team. We’ll be sure to recommend your services to anyone that we know that would be of need. All the best to you and yours over the holidays as well.”
Rick, November 2013

“Thanks very much for this. It was very helpful to have someone who knows “where” items should go and how best to dispose of them. Since we have been away from Toronto for so long, it would have taken us far more time and effort to get things concluded.”
Andrew, September 2013

“Thank you Elaine! We couldn’t have done it without you. Efficiency and care = a great combination during a very troubling time!”
Sharon, August 2013

“When the time came to prepare my house for sale, I quickly realized the task would be formable and certainly beyond my ability to accomplish. I was at that point when I recalled the wonderful work you and your people performed on behalf of my mother shortly after her passing. It was only natural therefore, that we again solicited your help. True to form, your organization skills were brought to bear and the entire process went as smoothly as silk. Based on our experience, we would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.”
Ken, July 2013

“Elaine, my Mom is settling into her new place nicely. We’d talked about her living arrangements for several years prior to her making her move, but let her make the decision regarding timing. With both my brother & I living outside Ontario, we weren’t on hand to take a leadership role in making it happen, once her decision was made. You provided peace of mind to my Mom, my brother & I, as well as most of the legwork. Planning, checklists, liquidation of excess needs, utility notifications, packing, moving & setting up were left to you & your team. In most respects it was a turn-key move for my Mom. It couldn’t have been done any better, & for that, I’m grateful. Thank You.”
Jim, June 2013

“I would have two pieces of advice for anyone faced with the move of a parent from their residence to a seniors home:

1. Call Elaine

2. Stay out of the way

What could have been a difficult situation went smoothly and without stress for everyone. When I came to Toronto a few days after the move to tie up any loose ends, I found that there were no loose ends. We sincerely appreciate your consideration, efficiency and professionalism.
You have my telephone number. I would be happy to provide a reference to anyone.”
Richard, June 2013

“I really must thank you again, Nancy. I don’t know what I would have done without your considerable help. It made the whole project do-able. I think Trusted Transitions has a very valuable associate in you. I am happily recommending TT’s services these days to anyone who will listen. And quite a number of people not only listen, they take down the information. Thanks again and I wish you all the best.”
Anne, June 2013

“Elaine — thank you for the great job you did on clearing the house. You took a tremendous burden off my shoulders.”
Sheila, April 2013

“Thanks Elaine. We were very pleased with the work – it was such a relief to have it looked after.”
Trish, April 2013

“Dear Nancy: Thank you for hours of hard work to get me moved. You sense of humour, devotion and gentle attitude with me was God’s gift to me during this stressful time. I love it here and watched the sun rise this morning and then went to sing in the choir at Church.”
Anne, March 2013

“I could never have survived this move without Jeanne. From the get-go Jeanne has been amazing. I have sung her praises and would be astounded if all of the moving populace of Collingwood doesn’t ask for her services.”
Jacquie, March 2013

“Elaine Frost and her team from Trusted Transitions were referred to us by the real estate agents that were selling our father’s condominium after his death.  We had interviewed another company that offers the same services but we must say that once we met Elaine, we knew we had found the expert and the efficient person we needed for the large task ahead of us.

Elaine’s knowledge of what needs to be done when liquidating an estate reassured us.  She was quick to respond to our questions and efficient in finding any solutions to any of our concerns.  For example, our father had a large collection of Inuit art.  Elaine did not have any personal knowledge of art galleries or consignment stores that dealt with this but within a day, had answers for us.

Elaine is an extremely capable person.  Once we had identified which articles we were keeping she worked with various consignment stores to determine the best market for each item as well as locating appropriate charities to which non-saleable items would be donated

On moving day, she managed the complete process of emptying the condo including scheduling the movers, packing and even connecting with the management office to advise them of the moving date and book the elevators.

We believe that Elaine offers an essential service and the value of her services versus cost were well worth it.

As well as being extremely competent and professional, Elaine is kind and lovely person to work with.

Thank you Elaine.”
Lori and Jill, January 2013

“Sr. Nancy Sullivan in Hamilton provided excellent service in assisting me with my move (from Hamilton) to Owen Sound Ontario recently. I would like you to know that Nancy provided a full range of service including arranging for purchase of antiques, an auctioneer, pack materials, packing household items, and final disposal of unwanted items.

On moving day(Nov. 30th) everything went very smoothly and efficiently thanks to Nancy’s organizational skills. It was a pleasure to do business with Trusted Transitions and to recommend your service to potential future customers.”
David Farrell, November 2012

“Elaine, thank you so much for making this simple and stress-free for us. I am impressed with how you’ve built your partnerships and even more so with how you’ve delivered great results. I must admit that I’ve been disappointed with almost every service provider I’ve engaged in the past few years but you have truly exceeded my expectations. We placed our trust in you and you’ve more than repaid us. I’m not sure what I can do from far-away Calgary to help build your business but I’ll certainly shout your name to any GTA-er who’ll listen.”
Mike, November 2012

“Trusted Transitions has been an integral part of my business when dealing with seniors moving into retirement residences, clients downsizing and changing lifestyles, or busy executives on the move. The personal touch and sensitivity to a client’s needs afforded by the experienced members of the “team” makes the transition a smooth one for the party making the move, and, most importantly, the services promised are delivered on schedule!”
Marion, GTA Realtor, September 2012

“Thank you so much for taking care of everything so well. You and Michele did a great job controlling costs, coming in very close to the lower end of your estimated range. And your disposal connections yielded results that exceeded my expectations.”
Mike, July 2012

“I was very pleased with the service. I am appreciative of the items chosen for consignment as they have garnered extra income for my client that may not have been possible by using another company’s service.”
Professional Executor, July 2012

“What can I say!!! The girls were a godsend.”
Helen, June 2012

“Thanks to all of you for my move – everything went so well I sure do not know what I would have done without everyone’s help It was a pleasure working with Fiona and I would do so again!”
Jean, May 2012

“I wanted to let you know that Michele carried out the most beautifully executed move that I could possibly imagine. I am not very well physically and had lived in my house for 25 years, and had to move on to a condo because I was no longer physically well enough to keep up the house. But Elaine in the most trying of circumstances (I had a lot of stuff) and I really really wasn’t able in any way shape or form to select what should go… be ruthless with what should go. She performed excellently and that doesn’t begin to describe what she did. Not only did she move me out of my house but on the same day she moved me into my condo. She and Julie not only set up the furniture but in the cupboards that were available they put everything away in the most logical place. They had the linens where they should go. They put the kitchen stuff in the appropriate place. Everything was so well thought through. She did a wonderful, wonderful job for which I will be eternally grateful.”
Lynda, April 2012

“The house closing went seamlessly. And we were pleased with the way everything went and the enormous respite it gave Allan and me for the final disposal of Mum’s effects. Thanks for all your help with this.”
Carole, May 2012

“Elaine, thanks for all your help. Fiona was wonderful!”
Maggie, April 2012

“I knew from the moment my mother-law who had just turned 80, told me they were going to Home Depot to buy some packing boxes that we needed to step in and offer another suggestion.

A friend had told me about Trusted Transitions for senior moves. From the moment we met Elaine, we could tell she had a plan. She had suggestions that made perfect sense. There wasn’t a problem she couldn’t handle. Her expertise was evident.

We felt comfortable giving the job to Elaine and her team. I could see the relief that was felt by our parents – they had nothing to worry about. We booked a vacation for them and while they were away, the Trusted Transition team packed up their apartment, moved them into their new home and organized the furniture, kitchen, closets, lighting, bookcases. When our parents arrived back, they picked up the keys at the new building and everything in their new condo was put away. Not a box from Home Depot in sight. We received photos of the new condo showing how everything was set up including the closets.

It is difficult living in a different city and not always being available to help out. Elaine was excellent at communicating with us and updating us on how things were going and making sure our parents were settled and well looked after. We knew that doing a move at this age could have serious health consequences both mentally and physically. They were so happy to be rested, stress-free and totally organized. Trusted Transitions made it a very positive and wonderful experience by taking care of absolutely everything.

This gift is priceless.”
Mary Ann, March 2012

“Dear Elaine,
thank you very much for organizing the service. I appreciate you good services very much.”
Jean, March 2012

“All is well at the house – Fiona, you did a GREAT job clearing it out and it was much easier for us to leave the final parts with you, as they’d have been very hard for us. Many thanks for freeing our minds and our time!! We appreciate it.”
Sharon, January 2012

“110% outstanding service. I definitely plan to make sure people are aware of your services! So glad Marion mentioned your company, and I hope to spread the word too. Thank You!”
Betty, January 2012

just a brief note to thank you, Michelle, and your staff for the great job you did helping Nancy move. I really appreciate your care and thoughtfulness throughout the process, as well as keeping me in the loop before, during, and after the move. Your professionalism is impressive and I will be pleased to recommend your service in the future.”
Ginny, January 2012

“Hi Elaine:
Thanks so much. I am so glad that Bev recommended your organization. I’m not sure how I could have tackled the task with the speed and organization that Michele did. She is a true professional and was a pleasure to deal with. We can now go on our family cruise knowing that things have been taken care of. I have told many people about your organization and how wonderful it is, especially at a time when emotions can be overwhelming. Many have wondered why they have never heard of your company and thought maybe if you had brochures at funeral homes (or with the staff if they get asked) it would be beneficial. If you would like a reference feel free to have any prospective clients contact me, I’d be more than happy to sing your praises! You certainly do provide first class service. Thanks so much. I’ll wait to hear back from you sometime in April. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year.”
Joanne, December 2011

“I don’t know if I told you yet but Jeanne was and is just absolutely great, if there was ever a word to describe somebody as a life save she was for us!!!!! Thanks Elaine for suggesting Jeanne for us in our time of need.”
Tom and Jess, November 2011

“Way lower than the quote! Will send the cheque today, for sure. And THANK YOU for your help. It was all terrific. Auntie is doing really well! You can be sure if I come across anyone looking for a ‘downsizer’, I’ll be recommending you.”
Pat, November 2011

“I can’t make any recommendations [for improvement]. I thought the service was absolutely outstanding and have recommended it to many.”
Lillian, October 2011

“Thank you Nancy! My mom has said how happy and safe she felt with your services. She was really impressed with your carpet cleaner, and you know what a standard she sets on her level of cleaning! I will send the cheque via snail mail as requested. Thanks again!”
Sherri, October 2011

“Your kindness, loyalty and hard work have made this move a happy one. The three of us (that would be two adults and a cute little dog) count you as a new friend. You are always welcome.”
C.&K. F., October 2011

“You are so efficient & kind – a really lovely lady”
Dorothy, October 2011

“Apart from the stress of downsizing and decisions about what to take and what to get rid of, this was the easiest move I have ever made. Thank you, Elaine and your staff. The best part was after we were in our new condo and discovered everything put away neatly and very well organized. Can’t wait to tell all our friends about you!”
Karen and Don, September 2011

“The excellent service was much appreciated!”
September 2011

“Michele, thank you for all your efforts. You and your organization are true professionals. I would be happy to recommend this firm to any of my clients.”
Stephen, CA/Executor, August 2011

“Fiona Hill was super! She phoned when she said she would and came to the house the same day I first called her. We came up from Texas and before we made it back home she phoned with an update. Very prompt with email also. She has multiple connections in consignment that worked quickly as we had a time crunch. We had no worries with Fiona handling everything and were able to concentrate on settling mom into assisted living. The realtor said the house was left in good, clean condition.”
Melinda, August 2011

“I couldn’t have survived the move without her! – knowledgeable, sense of humor, friendly, etc.”
Shirley, August 2011

“Trusted Transitions was recommended to me by a friend who had used their services twice in the past. Upon meeting Elaine I felt very confident that I could trust her company and allow them to come to my Mom’s home and assist me in preparation of the closing of the sale of her condo. I don’t know how I could have met the timelines without their assistance. I’m thankful for their services and for my friend’s recommendation. I also would highly recommend the Trusted Transitions Team.”
Donna, August 2011

“Jeanne Hazell in Collingwood was an absolute joy to work with and most helpful – looked after every detail”
Ellie, July 2011

“Elaine, a million thanks for all you’ve done to safely and gently move my mom and dad to DelManor! Please extend my gratitude to Judy and the guys too – everyone helped to ease the transition and I know my parents are just loving their new digs, thanks to you and your amazing team. It was such a pleasure working with you.”
Cathy, July 2011

“The comfort given when I was overwhelmed with the move was wonderful and kept me from having a complete come apart. Jeanne Hazell is above and beyond.”
Carol, May 2011

“I cannot thank you and Trusted Transitions enough for the consistently great job you do for my clients. Real Estate is a very competitive business and it is imperative that I be able to count on the people I refer my clients to. A great lawyer, a competent home inspector, stager, decorator but most of all Trusted Transitions are a real part of my success.

I have used your service to help organize a client who is buried in clutter, and to assist busy professionals who simply do not have the time. I always call for help from you when family members live out of town and will not be able to spend the time needed to make the move to assisted living. On every single occasion the house is ready on time and the client is happy with their move.

My clients have given me gifts to say thank you for introducing them to Jeanne Hazell in Collingwood. The fact that a client starts a move with Jeanne in Collingwood and finishes with Elaine in Toronto and the entire process is seamless is a real benefit. Having an entire team show up in Collingwood to get the property packed in a timely manner when a short closing was requested was a true test of the professionalism of your organizing.

Understanding that seniors may choose to do a bit each day rather than wearing themselves out in a marathon one or two day endeavour shows true understanding of the needs of dealing with the over 60 (sometimes 90) year old client. I have absolutely no second thoughts of involving Trusted Transitions in any of my real estate transactions because your flexible, positive, can do attitude always reflects well on me and makes the move for the client much simpler and less stressful. Thank you.”
Karen, Realtor, May 2011

“I was thrilled by how thorough and meticulous the work was done on my mother’s home. The staging done for the sale of the property was just perfect, and no doubt aided us in obtaining a quick sale. Following the sale, the house was completely cleared out and made ready for the closing. All the items moved were carefully packed and handled with appropriate care. Elaine dealt with our situation in a considerate and supportive manner, responding to our occasional odd requests without skipping a beat. We were very well taken care of.”
Sylvia, April 2011

“It was a pleasure to meet and work along with Jeanne. She is a delightful and understanding lady, who made this difficult move less stressful. She is a superb packer and took extra care with fragile objects – even the light bulbs did not break! Also, looked after consignment & donations & disposal. I greatly appreciated her cheerful personality. Jeanne was very organized.”
O.Z. April 2011

“You kept the client well informed on every aspect of the assignment. You worked well and extremely efficiently with the real estate broker. You returned enquiries quickly and efficiently and were a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended!!”
Vern, February 2011

“Excellent job, well done.  You provided strong support and assistance in a time of need.  Thank You.”
David, January 2011

“Elaine, a huge thank you for all your help in finding me a place to live, for settling my apartment and for making the move so smooth. You are/were a saint!”
Barb, December 2010

“I am very happy to provide a reference for Elaine Frost and Trusted Transitions. My sister and I were faced with the daunting task of selling the family home of 65 years in a short period of time. We did not know how to tackle this huge and emotionally demanding job so that we would make the right decisions along the way. Elaine was recommended to us. We were reluctant at first because we are a do-it-yourself family, but Elaine soon became an indispensible asset to the enterprise. She is logical, patient, efficient and objective and has excellent contacts to cover every aspect of moving and downsizing. My sister and I did whatever parts of the project we wanted to handle ourselves – we packed the personal items and found our own long term storage space for instance – so we always felt we were in control but it was great, even essential, to have had Elaine to turn to when we needed her.  I was particularly relieved to know that everything we did not want to keep was going to be re-directed to others.”

“I was in need of a “fresh pair of eyes” to help me re-organize my kitchen space, and really didn’t know where or how to begin.  I was delighted to discover the services of Trusted Transitions.  With the help of Michele, within just a few hours the space was organized much more efficiently – something I could not have done alone.  Michele’s thoughtful and compassionate guidance was greatly appreciated.  I felt a little embarrassed at first about having someone come in and was worried about a critique, but instead found the whole experience liberating… the feeling that clearing clutter inspires! Thank you to Michele and Trusted Transitions for your kindness and generosity.”

Elaine, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, encouragement and advice.  If you ever need a testimonial, I shall be happy to sing your praises.  It has been a treat to work with you on uncle Syd’s townhouseThank you again for taking care of the place so ably and so amicably.

Michele and I worked well together and I was pleased with her suggestions.  Because I have difficulty walking I was not able to be of much help but I had complete trust in her work and no worries as to how she handled the disposal of all my belongings in my Stratford condo. I am now living at the Ritz Villa Lutheran Nursing Home in Mitchell and Michele helped me get settled in the new apartment.”
Jean I.

“Trusted Transitions, true to its name, downsized and carried through my move from an apartment to a seniors residence. I did not have one anxious moment. Moving day was a peaceful event. I left my old apartment in the AM and arrived at my new apartment in the afternoon with everything in place. What bliss! Thank you, Trusted Transitions!”
Elizabeth B.

“Trusted Transitions definitely understands the needs of seniors and displays a great deal of patience, integrity and respect. I have recommended Elaine and her team to a number of seniors making the move from their homes to St. Hilda’s. This is always a very traumatic time. The thought of a move is horrifying to them. With Elaine’s help, all details are taken care of. After the move, the feedback I get from the new resident is always very positive and they would have their friends contact her.”
Janet Crawford, Marketing Director, St. Hilda’s Towers

“Having completed a summer in which Elaine Frost managed my family’s house move, I cannot now imagine how it would have been possible without her. She, together with her staff, did much more than relocating our belongings. She answered all our questions and handled all aspects of moving in an energetic, yet sensitive way which inspired the family members. There were no limits to what she seemed able and willing to do, and also took the time and patience to consider the concerns of each family member, no matter how detailed they were. What had seemed to be a foreboding task facing our family turned out to be an experience I’ll enjoy remembering, and it is thanks to Elaine that it did.”
Peter O.

“Elaine, thank you so much for easing the load at a very difficult time in my life. I found that when our family house was sold and the contents needed to be dealt with, I was just not in the frame of mind to look after that as well as a severely disabled mother who needed a lot of care. You certainly made the coping much easier. I want to thank you for organizing and physically managing to remove all of the contents of our house in a very short time frame and in a very efficient manner. It would have been physically and emotionally draining to go through everything and do it all myself. I also want to thank you for your ongoing follow up during the entire process. Your service is truly invaluable.”
Maureen N.

“Elaine, you did a lovely job and a thorough one, and – once again – I could not be more pleased. Mum would be delighted to see you and Michelle again – having you taking care of her made what could have been very difficult, very easy.”

“It was a great relief to bring my 90 year old mother into her new apartment which had been beautifully “set-up” for her arrival! Thank you, Elaine!”

“I was totally impressed by the service as well as Elaine’s professionalism, warmth and do-ability. She was always available, communicated extremely well, was flexible and willing to work around my “stress” levels.”

“Thanks to my real estate agent, I was introduced to Jeanne. At a very busy time in my life, I was faced with the daunting task of moving from a large home that had significant emotional attachment. The contents of my home that I chose to keep were directed to three different locations. Items for sale had to be valued and potential buyers needed to be found. Jeanne always knew how to organize the situation to make it easier to get the job done. Everything was accomplished in an orderly and timely manner before the house closing, and I was very proud to have my home left for the new owners in pristine condition. Thank you, Jeanne, for bringing so many services together for me and supporting the community along the way with needed donations. Jeanne is a self-starter, well organized, flexible and understanding.
Maureen B.

“Some things just work out unbelievably well. As you know, Mom has been personally challenged over the past couple years, and that has significantly impacted her way of life. In the midst of dealing with these challenges, moving was a daunting task for her. Preparing and moving from Collingwood alone has been difficult, considering the past two years, and that both of her children live in Toronto and not always available added to the burden. When Mom mentioned that you were on the scene and assisting, I knew everything would work out fine … and it did! With every conversation I had with Mom during the preparation for the move, not only were you mentioned, Mom was SO VERY MUCH TAKEN BACK by your assistance in taking over in doing all the things that Mom was unable to do … and then some! The sentence “that Jeanne is a wonderful person” was used many times. All I could say was “I know!” Your attitude has always been amazing and you were always there to help. On behalf of my Mom, Patti and myself … THANK YOU JEANNE!”
Dan O.

“I would like to thank you, Michele, and your team for doing such a wonderful job for Pat’s family.  With Pat being in hospital and unable to do anything in terms of her move and her only family on the other side of the country, your assistance provided a very valuable service. You facilitated every aspect of the move from the packing and labeling of boxes, to cleaning and to disposing of unwanted items. You worked efficiently and quickly, and I don’t know how the family would have managed without you! Many, many thanks, and please know that I am very happy to recommend your services.”
Susan Fox, Realtor, Stratford.

“Your service is perfect. Your help & dedication to your job saved me a lot of worry and stress. I never realized there was such an outstanding moving service available. It’s especially wonderful for disabled people like myself. Thank you so much.”

“Having completed the decluttering process at my apartment, I have to tell you I feel a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I stand with the cupboard doors open admiring the organization and order that has come from such chaos and clutter. I have so much space now!
If ever I need to move, half of my work is already done. Thank-you.

“After losing both of my parents within a rather short time, my brothers and I were faced with quite a task: clearing out and selling the family home. It is an emotional experience, as well as an intimidating task. Our real estate agent referred us to Elaine Frost at Trusted Transitions, and we immediately booked a consult. After a brief discussion with Elaine, we knew that this was the way to go. Elaine to the rescue! She became a real life superhero, as my 5 year old would say. She and her team cleared the house, sold and donated contents, moved furniture, cleaned floors and windows and did it all in a timely manner, and with care and respect. We were left to pick up the emotional pieces in our own lives without having to worry about facing this monumental job. Elaine took care of it all. I highly recommend Trusted Transitions … in a nutshell, your transition will be smooth and easy!”

WOW…I can’t believe it! I just can’t believe how little I had to worry about the house!!!! I will never be able to thank you enough…this has been quite the emotional roller-coaster ride but you took an ENORMOUS load off my shoulders. Hope I will see you soon so I can thank you in person!!!

From the very first visit, when Michele came to the house to discuss everything involved in downsizing, packing and moving items to three different destinations, as well as getting in touch with an auctioneer for different items, everything went like clockwork.  As well, there were regular phone calls and visits to keep me well informed on the progress of the pending moves.  Knowing that someone qualified was in charge took all the stress, uncertainty and anxiety away from me. I would highly recommend Michele and Trusted Transitions to anyone who has to downsize and move.
Margaret J.